Sunday, April 23, 2006

Israelis Brain breaks World Record

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Israel - What others say about her


The Truth about Israel

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Israel = Equality, and it's Diversity is it's Strength!

Caption reads:
Where can she (Arab woman) vote?

Only in Israel, the only Democracy in the middle east.

(Long before the operation in Iraq, Israel was the first ever in the middle east in giving Arab Women to vote!)

Diversity = strength!

IsraTV exclusive: Major Lee Cho O in the IDF Born in Vietnam, she came to Israel with her family as a refugee. As many boatpeople, she came to Israel in 1977 by a decision by former Prime Minister Menahem Begin.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Israel - Peace

Saturday, November 05, 2005

IDF - Humanitarian

They're to protect 'Palestinian' Arabs too

Soldiers providing food for 'Palestinian' Arabs at the height of Genocide Bombers attacks on innocent unarmed Israelis.

IDF Soldiers on humane aid to Sri Lanka's victims (2004)

IDF Soldiers deliver a baby at their field hospital founded for the poor in India

The General Media has been so unfair to these nice guys, yes this a checkpoint!
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Just doing the job checking ID's, Can't you spot the "oppressed" faces?

You won't see scenes like this in the news. Kalandia Crossing, Israel: Arab kids, Jewish IDF soldier--sharing smiles

Members of the IDF's medical rescue mission check up on the progress of one of their patients rescued from the Turkish earthquake devastation, who was saved thanks to an operation performed by the team.

No differences!

A boy separated from his parents in the Turkish earthquake disaster makes a new friend.

An Israeli medical team gets the chance to smile upon helping deliver a new baby into the world at an emergency field hospital set up near Kosovo.

Israel Humanitarian - General

An Iraqi Boy's life, saved in Israeli hospital

Israeli scientists help fight fatal disease in Arab infants

Genetic testing makes a difference for Israeli Arab families Dr. Stavit Shalev: "What started out as a pilot program, has now reached the point where we are serving over 2,800 families a year."

Israel shares medical expertise with Africa

Opening Hearts

A team of Israeli doctors repairs more foreign young hearts for free than any other country in the world

Parents in Moldova, Ethiopia, Gaza and Hebron send their children — weak, lethargic, their skin sometimes tinged blue from lack of oxygen — to a hospital in Holon, Israel. Three weeks later, returned to their parents, the youngsters are able to kick around a soccer ball. The open-heart surgery and rehabilitation have been offered completely free of charge by an altruistic team of volunteers at Israel’s Wolfson Hospital’s pediatric cardiology department.