Saturday, November 05, 2005

Israel Humanitarian - General

An Iraqi Boy's life, saved in Israeli hospital

Israeli scientists help fight fatal disease in Arab infants

Genetic testing makes a difference for Israeli Arab families Dr. Stavit Shalev: "What started out as a pilot program, has now reached the point where we are serving over 2,800 families a year."

Israel shares medical expertise with Africa

Opening Hearts

A team of Israeli doctors repairs more foreign young hearts for free than any other country in the world

Parents in Moldova, Ethiopia, Gaza and Hebron send their children — weak, lethargic, their skin sometimes tinged blue from lack of oxygen — to a hospital in Holon, Israel. Three weeks later, returned to their parents, the youngsters are able to kick around a soccer ball. The open-heart surgery and rehabilitation have been offered completely free of charge by an altruistic team of volunteers at Israel’s Wolfson Hospital’s pediatric cardiology department.